Planned Obsolescence Xmas

by Cunning Linguists



Recorded by the St. Martin's High School Recording Club dream team, Fall 1988.


Well it happens only once a year
When a trip to the shopping mall induces fear
The gifts you have wrapped are now all broken
All that's left of your money is a subway token

Planned Obsolescence Christmas

Until boxing day every sale is final
When your new Christmas records aren't available on vinyl


released December 25, 1988
Paul Butters: Guitar Solo (and the odd chord)
Allan Canney: Hells Bells & Tambourine
Franz Gangl: Beatbox (on loan)
Barney: Drum Samples (ahem...)
Dan Bryk: just about everything else including songwriting and making vague excuses




dan bryk Durham, North Carolina

That guy who wrote “Chunky Girl” and “Discount Store.”

Now dropping hoarded tracks like sucka MCs.

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