the randy mentooth - you can leave your hard on

from by dan bryk



[coronadrop #32 in a series of previously unreleased songs—released here daily—until the quarantine is over or i run out of decent unreleased songs]

this was recorded for the facebook group/cargo cult “theme music” by a mysterious trio of male gazers known as the randy mentooth.

a “supergroup” of sorts, assuming you subscribe to umrecs-list.

all in service of two great jews that (finally) mope great together!


from #coronadrops week five, track released May 5, 2020
Clem Fandango: Piano
Christ Warmup: Guitars, drums, mouth organ, "Hard On" vocal
W. Madbarker Dylan: "Hat On" vocal, anything else

as requested for TM's "Secret Santa” in 2014.




dan bryk Durham, North Carolina

That guy who wrote “Chunky Girl” and “Discount Store.”

Now dropping hoarded tracks like sucka MCs.

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